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    OANNES - Uluslararası Eskiçağ Tarihi Araştırmaları Dergisi'nin Mart 2020 sayısı yayınlanmıştır. Eylül 2020 sayımız için makale başvuruları devam etmektedir.

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In the scientific meaning, the modern concept of “the Ancient West” defines the period of some thirty five centuries of Ancient Greece and Rome from 3.000/2.800 BC to 7th century AD. History of the European nations, that is the Hellenic culture which was considered as the “intellectual ancestor” of modern European culture and civilisation and also the Roman culture which was a medium in the transfer of this culture to Europe, thus developed in a time span that was started with the Minoan Civilisation and ended with the unification of the Mediterranean and its denomination as “mare nostrum”. Geographical space of Ancient Western history was an area of 2.969.000 km2 that encompass Aegean Basin, Continental Greece, Italia and Black Sea regions. None of the previous States of this area formed large empiers similar to that of “Ancient Western” nations of Greece and Rome and in fact could not be able to develop a political and economic system. In this context this study tries to answer the most disputed questions on the topics like evaluation of the concept of “Antiquity” with regard to space and time, in the scientific meaning its general demarcation into two main fields as “Ancient Eastern History” and “Ancient Western History” on the ground of their characteristics, how the research topics are determined within these subfields, especially in the Ancient Western History, how a determined topic needs to be studied and finally how must be the processes of collection of data related to research topic, their analysis and evaluation.

Antiquity, Ancient West, Ancient Greece, Roma, Issue of Methodology in Ancient Western History.

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