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Zile is one of the biggest cities of Tokat province and is located in the Middle Black Sea Region. Located 70 kilometers from Tokat, Zile is surrounded by Turhal to the North, Amasya to Göynücek to the South, Artova and Yozgat to the west, Kadışehri and Yozgat to the Çekerek district. Many empires have been ruled during the city, which is on the important point of Anatolia terms of geopolitics. These are the Hittite, Phrygian, Persian, Pontus, Rome and Byzantium. The results of studies made in the region have been tried to be illuminated in prehistoric periods in the light of findings. In addition to these, Zile Anaitis what is also important in terms of religion has done the religious center of the sect. During the religious ceremonies, fairgrounds were established and the city became a lively commercial center. As a result, the city has become stronger in economic terms.

Tokat, Zile, Zela, Zelitis, Anzilia

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